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I am a dance educator who integrates and converges a variety of techniques, encouraging my students to awaken the unexplored, unordinary, and extraordinary potentials of their bodies. As an instructor, my goal is to challenge students intellectually, artistically, and physically, so as to invoke critical thinking and realization of their potential impact within the art form. I inherently value a joyful working environment in order to foster growth and to instill a genuine passion for dance. Promoting a judgment-free creative space, I encourage risk-taking and experimentation, empowering students to make decisions about their own aesthetic and capability. I take pride in sharing my knowledge with eager learners, and I value the unique relationship that unites students and educators.

As I continue to teach in a variety of academic and studio settings, my students come from many diverse backgrounds and represent a community of unique learners and thinkers.  I recognize that it is my responsibility to adapt to the needs of my students in order to be a truly effective educator, and I am continuously investigating new ways to make dance accessible and inclusive.  In my classes, I integrate different methods of using and practicing language in technique and performance, incorporating opportunities for students to engage in productive discourse.  As I model feedback protocol that is both critical and purposeful, I am always sensitive to the fact that students have different experiences that contribute to their overall learning journey.  

I feel extremely fortunate to represent an artistic discipline with the capacity to communicate cultural ideas through the universal language of movement, which can therefore develop deeper understandings across communities.  Through dance, I encourage my students to embrace and celebrate their individual qualities, so that they may learn more about their own heritage and find commonalities among others.  I am wholly committed to the “learn by doing” philosophy, as I provide space for my students to investigate and collaborate, expanding their worldview by interacting with others and developing their artistic voice. 

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